I recently booked a late December wedding; my client had many ideas for her wintry-themed event and shared her Pinterest boards with me. Unlike many of my brides, her boards were pretty much centered around a few main ideas: evergreen branches, plaid, and gingerbread. It gave me a very clear picture of the look she was going for and the elements she wanted to use in her florals, and it aided me in suggesting other ways in which to incorporate these things into her wedding. I think we both left the consultation with a feeling of excitement!

My normal experience with a Pinterest bride is like this: they present me with several boards, each containing about 50 photos showing 50 different ideas. Lace. Burlap. Feathers. Crystals. Pearls. Butterflies. Moss. On and on. It is difficult to find a theme or even one common element amongst all these ideas. So we work on narrowing down the list to an easily managed 2 or 3 ideas that we can then repeat throughout the event. Like succulents in the bouquets, potted for favors and table assignments, and incorporated into the centerpieces. Or bouquets wrapped in burlap, with burlap table runners. By focusing on a few great ideas, we can design a wedding that has a cohesive look to it, where all the pieces look like a part of the same puzzle. It helps to have an idea of what that finished puzzle looks like. Are you planning a rustic wedding in a barn? Skip the crystals and look to vintage linens and mason jars. A formal ballroom reception? Bypass the burlap and opt for silk and brilliant glass vases.

By selecting the elements that are the most meaningful or appealing to you and running with them, you will be designing your day with a clear theme in mind, one that will let your personality shine through. Your guests will know they’ve been to a unique wedding that could only have been planned by you.


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