Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and odds are some of you will be receiving flowers. Having fresh flowers in your home or at the office is pretty special, and there are a few easy tricks to make sure they look fantastic as long as possible.

First, if you have received loose flowers, make sure to remove any leaves that will be below the water line or are damaged or brown and likely to fall off into the water. Leaves sitting around in the water will quickly turn to mush and muddy up the water, dramatically shortening the lifespan of your flowers. And give them a fresh cut with a pair of clippers before you arrange them.

Second, change the water in your arrangement every day. Fresh clean water keeps the bacteria that are a flower’s biggest nightmare at bay. If it’s a vase, just grab the flowers at the neck of the vase and pull them out. Dump the water and refill the vase, slipping the flowers back in. If it’s a basket or other container, slide it into your sink and top off the water in the liner. If your florist provided a little packet of floral food, go ahead and add that to the water as well.

Finally, be sure to keep your flowers away from extreme heat or cold and direct sunlight. That means no leaving them on top of the radiator! Or on that drafty windowsill. Basically treat them like a pet…give them plenty of clean water and a comfortable place to hang out and they’ll provide you plenty of enjoyment!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

(If you are sending flowers, please order from a local florist! You can talk to the person who will actually be making your arrangement, and you can pick their brains for unique ideas that your love will love, rather than the picture on a website that everyone else is ordering. And your money will go to a local business! We love local! And more of that money will go into the flowers, rather than toward the service fees. Your FTD or Teleflora order will be sent to a local florist anyway; eliminate the middle man and call them directly!)

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