This weekend, I had the pleasure of creating the bouquets and floral decor for the wedding of a dear friend and his lovely fiance. It is always an honor to be asked to be part of a friend’s wedding, although it totally ratchets up the stress level; for the wedding of a couple to whom I’m not emotionally invested, I am already  a bit of a perfectionist. When it’s the wedding of a couple I know personally, the perfectionism becomes complete and total obsession with every little detail. The slightest bruise on a rose petal?? A not-quite-round hydrangea? IS THAT A BROKEN SPRIG OF LAVENDER??! Add to this the fact that we were also attending the wedding and you can pretty much assume that sleep and I did not make each other’s acquaintance last week.
The bouquets, I think we can agree, turned out beautifully. You just can’t go wrong with hydrangeas and roses, but with the addition of some less frequently used flowers like lavender, veronica, and sea thistle, these bouquets became very personalized and a step beyond the ordinary.  This couple had spent several years living in Scotland, and the thistle in particular was one of the only must-haves for the whole event. The bride’s bouquet also had some draping foliage which really looked amazing against her gown.
I also was able to do something I love…decorate on-site! The venue, a lovely inn near the Finger Lakes, has a cool arbor where the ceremony was performed. I draped tulle around the supports and then created 2 stunning arrangements that hung halfway the sides. Hydrangeas, roses, snapdragons, and thistles gave them a real gardeny feel. I also hung a small candelabra in the arbor to give the space some depth. We then lined the aisle with shepherd’s hooks holding metal buckets of lavender. I think you’ll agree that the final look is beautiful!
We chose 2 different centerpieces for the guest tables. Half the tables had a tall cylinder vase holding a single stem of ladies mantle submerged in water, topped with a floating candle. It was paired with a short cylinder vase holding a pillar candle. The remaining tables were decorated wih floral centerpieces mimicking the bouquets, but with the addition of yellow billy buttons, which  added just the right amount of punch. All tables had a handful of votive candles which provided nice ambiance when the sun when down.
Despite the stress and sleepless nights, this wedding will go down as one of my favorites! I loved the venue, the flowers, the food, the cocktails, our table-mates. But perhaps the best part was getting to play a role in such a special day for my friends. Congratulations Andrea and Nolan!
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