One of the biggest trends in the wedding industry these days is the barn wedding. Rustic, country, and informal, these are perfect venues for less tradition-minded couples who want a casual celebration.
Mason jars, due to their inexpensiveness, have become the vessel of choice for these celebrations. One quick search of “barn weddings” on google or pinterest and you’ll be inundated with hundreds of photos of these modest containers holding flowers (usually babies breath or some collection of wildflowers) or candles or being used for drinks. What was once a clever and creative choice has become so ubiquitous that it’s the norm in rustic decor. I would say it’s practically a cliche. (Hint: if all the photos are showing the same thing, it’s not unique any more.) I think it’s time to rethink rustic.
Newer, fresher options for these types of weddings might include old apothecary jars, each with a perfect floral specimen; wooden boxes filled with moss and succulents; and tera cotta pots planted with herbs. Small metal pails overflowing with flowers also convey a lovely country feeling. Or up the elegance factor with sparkling glass vases stuffed with hydrangeas and roses.
One of the benefits of choosing one of these alternatives is that your guest won’t feel like they’ve seen it all before, and your vendors (that’s right…your florist and wedding planner have probably done dozens of mason jar weddings) will be thrilled to use their creativity to make your day unique and special. That’s what we’re trained to do, so take advantage of it!

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